Utility to calculate and graph co-oscillation tides

A numerical model of the co-oscillation tide in Spencer Gulf, South Australia, or of any other semi-enclosed narrow basin.

The application of the numerical model is available in two versions. Both perform the same calculations, but the result is displayed in tabular form in version 1 and in graphical form in version 2.

Version 1 (results displayed as tables) uses Javascript and can be used with virtually any browser.

Version 2 (results shown as graphical display) makes it much easier to vary the model parameters and see the effect; but it uses a combination of Javascript and Java, which not all browsers can handle. See the Utilities entry page for details on browser requirements.

Both versions return a magnification factor, which indicates how close you are to resonance. The factor is calculated as the ratio of the amplitude at the head over the amplitude at the mouth. (Remember that the amplitude at the head is normalised to 1 and the calculations proceed towards the mouth, so resonance does not result in huge amplitudes but produces a very large magnification factor.)

For the Spencer Gulf situation both versions also return two rms errors (one for amplitude and one for phase) for the S2 and K1 constituents. They compare the model with observed values at tide gauge locations.

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