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Exercises in Physical Oceanography

Exercise 7: Ekman layer dynamics and upwelling.


This exercise allows you to do various calculations and display the results in tables and graphs. It requires a browser with JavaScript capability (such as iCab, Opera, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). It is generally easier to study and interpret results from graphs, so use of the graphing facility is recommended. However, the graphs require interaction between Javascript and a Java applet, and not every browser has this capability. Check the Exercises entry page for minimum browser requirements.

This is one in a series of exercises in physical oceanography. All exercises are structured in the same way. Because they are developed for classroom use they are set to be completed in a given time. This exercise is set to be completed in 3 hours. This is a very generous time allocation, which should give you plenty of time even if you are doing the exercise on the web at a location where image loading is slow.

At the beginning of each new page you will be told how much time you have left. Every now and then you will also be told how much time you should have left. This allows you to check your progress. If you are way ahead and get to the end of the exercise with much time to spare you will have an opportunity to revisit the material.

Should you run out of time you can always repeat the exercise. Eventually you should be able to complete the entire exercise in the given time frame.

So let us start with Exercise Exercise 7: Ekman layer dynamics and upwelling.

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