Welcome to Matthias Tomczak's oceanography web site

This website was begun in 1996, when it was the first public website for oceanography teaching material. It has been maintained and upgraded until 2002 and has remained more or less unchanged since.

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Some words to the history of the site: I retired in 2006 and do not maintain this site any longer, unless I receive a notice that some content is wrong and has to be corrected. Given the age of the site it is obvious that more advanced oceanography teaching material is now available on the web, but this site is still widely used and appears to satisfy an educational need.

Until May 2016 this site resided on the server of Flinders University in Adelaide (Australia). The University of Maine (USA), the Federal University of Rio Grande (Brazil), the Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services in Hyderabad (India), the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and the Mediterranean Center for Marine and Environmental Research in Barcelona (Spain) originally maintained mirror sites. Some of these can still be accessed but no longer mirror the most recent material.

For many years the site was available to residents of Africa, South America and Asia except Japan as a free CD, distributed by IOC, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. The IOC no longer offers this service, but the internet has much improved since, and everyone is free to download the entire site, which is only 150 Mb anyway.

In May 2016 I installed the material on a private server under the current name "mt-oceanography.info" to keep it available to the public, without promise to maintain it further.

Matthias Tomczak, Emeritus Professor of Oceanography, Flinders University of South Australia

The version history of the site until 2002 can be checked here.